Energy Survey

Avail of our HOME ENERGY SURVEY for just €399.

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Houses built before 2005 can significantly enhance their energy efficiency and comfort levels by adopting several measures. These include installing a new high-efficiency boiler with integrated controls, improving insulation within the house’s structure, and integrating renewable energy equipment like solar hot water systems, PV panels, and heat pumps.

Our survey, akin to the BER survey, enables the calculation of both the current BER rating and the potential improvement achievable through identified upgrades. Additionally, homeowners have the option to obtain a BER certificate for an extra fee of €50.

Enhancing insulation is crucial. For instance, insulating the attic to 300mm thickness can meet current building regulations and significantly improve comfort levels. External or internal wall insulation and insulating ground floors can also contribute to energy savings and comfort.

Window performance has notably improved, particularly with double or triple glazed units, which offer better U-values compared to older double glazed windows.

Heat pumps, when used in well-insulated houses and ideally with underfloor heating, can provide efficient heating. Solar hot water panels and cylinders are popular choices, capable of meeting a significant portion of the household’s hot water requirements.

Solar photovoltaic panels, installed on most roof types, can supply a considerable percentage of the house’s electricity needs, especially when combined with batteries and smart control systems.

Major refurbishments present an opportunity to achieve high energy ratings (A or B) and potentially save up to 70% of energy requirements. With careful planning and implementation, older houses can significantly improve their energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.