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We Service Gas and Oil Boilers

Harris Heating services all natural gas and oil boilers and appliances in all areas within 50km of Dublin. All our service engineers are properly qualified to Irish Standard 813. We carry out inspections and servicing to all types of domestic gas and oil boilers including condensing, combi and conventional flued. We also service gas fires.

Ideally boiler servicing should be carried out in the spring and summer months, so necessary work can be done when the boiler is least at use.

4 Reasons For Servicing Your Boiler

  1. Maintain Your Warranty: The Manufacturers Warranty ranging from 5 to 10 years will only be honored if the boiler is serviced every year.
  2. Reliability: Regular services helps to identify any potential problems and minimise breakdowns.
  3. Efficiency: Included in our annual service are checks to ensure that the appliances are working to their maximum efficiency. This will help reduce annual fuel costs, saving you money.
  4. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: If fuels such as gas, oil or solid fuel are burnt, carbon monoxide (CO) can be produced by poorly maintained, faulty appliances or inadequate ventilation. It is vital that appliances are inspected and serviced to ensure they are working safely and this deadly poison does not occur.

What’s included in our Standard Service?

A 20 point PLUS comprehensive check list

  1. Issue Co 2 reading Check at location of Flue
  2. Check Gas isolating valve
  3. Cold check test on flue
  4. Test flue when boiler running
  5. Check permitted location of Appliance
  6. Check size of Flue
  7. Check terminal & location
  8. Check flue guard
  9. Check Gas Boiler Ventilation requirements
  10. Check cowl fitted
  11. Check Main Burner
  12. Clean Main Burner
  13. Clean pilot injector
  14. Clean Heat exchanger
  15. Test Appliance Burner pressure
  16. Check seals on boiler
  17. Check joints at boiler
  18. Test Gas soundness
  19. Check 3 amp fuse
  20. Check double pole isolation switch fitted

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