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(nett of SEAI grant and  energy credits)


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(nett of SEAI grant and  energy credits)
We carry out boiler replacements in all areas within 50km of Dublin, we install the best boilers currently available on the market and the materials we use are of the highest quality to ensure the best possible reliability is achieved.

Modern Boiler Efficiency

Old boilers can be inefficient in the way they convert fuel to heat, with some being less than 60% efficient. This means that every €1 you spend on fuel about 40c can be wasted. Modern day condensing gas and oil boilers are over 90% efficient saving you a considerable amount on fuel. We will always fit a gas or oil condensing boiler.

Before we install a new boiler, time is spent on a survey to establish what other works are required to help improve the efficiency and also reliability of the whole system.

Clean Systems are Cost Effective

We allow for a full powerflush and install a Magnaclean to get the existing systems as clean as possible, maintain its efficiency and reliability. This work may cost more initially, but in the long term will save you money on fuel and also reduce or eliminate costly call outs to breakdowns.

We provide a full maintenance service to continue caring for your system and new boiler, carrying out annual servicing and dealing with any problems that may arise.

Accredited Gloworm and Firebird Installers

We are accredited installers for Glowworm gas boilers and Firebird oil boilers. This means our engineers have been on manufacturers courses to ensure we install the boilers correctly and to the manufacturers warranty requirements.

SAVE over €1000 when you install Integrated Heating Controls

Many existing heating systems have inadequate controls to ensure you get your heat and hot water when and where you need it. Our energy adviser will explain the various controls available and the best and most cost effective solution for your heating installation. Installing heating controls to your home heating system will typically reduce your energy usage by up to 20% and increase your comfort levels.

You may be entitled to a grant of up to €750 through the SEAI Better Energy Homes program including up to €350 in energy credits from an energy utility company when you install integrated heating controls. Our energy adviser will help you establish your entitlement, ensure you meet all the requirements and assist you with your claim.

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